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Eleanor’s key concern is the details. She is an interior designer who believes that the beauty, the functionality and the practicality all lies in the details and works best with proper understanding of every element.

Despite having a personal preference for creating modern luxurious designs Eleanor is the first person to remind you that design choices need to align with personal goals for a home. Creating a beautiful home may be ideal however there is value in balancing functionality with aesthetics.

In her experience designing various homes in a multitude of styles Eleanor has come to terms with the fact that every part of the home deserves equal importance and it is her job to remind clients to think about the aspects of the home that they’ve overlooked.



Essential Client Requirement

Farm house design. Shaker profile door, mesh door for all unit at kitchen and synchronised door


HDB 4 Room

Works Included

Glass Works
Window Grille

Country Comfort: Pastel Green Elegance

Step into a haven of serene beauty with our farmhouse-inspired design. The shaker profile doors and mesh accents in the kitchen units seamlessly blend rustic charm with modern elegance. The pastel green matte finish envelops the space in a tranquil hue, creating an atmosphere that echoes the simplicity and warmth of farmhouse living. Every detail synchronizes to bring the essence of countryside tranquility into your home.