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  • My wife and I made the right choice choosing Areana Creation. As first time home owners we were unfamiliar with renovation. Krino patiently explained to us many things from scratch. We felt that he was friendly, honest, professional and responsive throughout the renovation process. Workmanship and and materials were high quality, especially the carpentry. Everything was coordinated well and saved us so much time. Overall, we were very satisfied. The project was value for money. A big thank you to Krino for helping us achieve our desired home!
    William SohHometrust, October 2020
  • Kitchen Cabinets Makeover!

    During the Circuit Breaker, i got more personally involved in preparing meals and that’s when I realized I disliked the layout and the lack of functionality of my existing kitchen cabinets (which my domestic helper had been using since 2009 when I bought this move in condition, resale flat).

    Then I came across the Franke Smart Deco hood online and I totally loved the neat size and their pretty matted colours so decided to makeover both the lower and upper cabinets in such a way that it can fit this designer looking hood.

    I approached Dave since a few of my relatives & friends had used his services previously and the renovation done in their homes, all looked nice and well-finished.

    My experience using Areana Creation and Dave’s services has been pleasant. They do deploy a good team of workers / suppliers, be it the demolition guys, the electricians, the plumber, the carpenters and the countertop / backsplash suppliers.

    All in, the actual tear-down and installation took 2 weeks. It possibly could have been 10 days if I had decided on my backsplash earlier to make it the same as the countertop. (I opted for something else but I liked the countertop a lot after installation, so last minute, arranged for that as the backsplash as well.)

    The workers always cleaned up well (some minimal sweeping or mopping after they leave). The carpentry work really looked well-finished too and the guys installing were very experienced in fitting in the new cabinets and fixtures. It’s really quite possible to live in the house while the kitchen cabinets were being renovated.  The downside with renovation in this Covid-19 season is you’d need to make accommodations to the scheduling of the project. There’s still a general shortage of workers and government regulations that contractors need to abide by.

    Thank you Dave and Areana Creation for this new kitchen that really feels like my kitchen now & one that I really enjoy using!

    Ms Toh

    Ms TohEmailed, September 2020
  • After over 15 years of our condo, we decided to renovate our apartment, refresh it in lighter tones and make some small changes. I think we were not alone in stumbling upon a problem of how to choose the proper ID. After reading a ton of reviews we decided to give a try with Arena Creations. The person who picked up the phone was Edwin Fan from the company’s Paya Lebar office. Now we are glad it happened that way.
    Edwin came to our apartment, listened to our renovation ideas, made notes and in a matter of few days made an offer with thorough description and his recommendation on our design.
    The work started in the end of February 2020. Due to hacking works, we decided to temporarily move out, renting a house elsewhere, and to move our furniture out to the storage. We expected the whole renovation to last 2.5 – 3 months, and Edwin did everything to even shorten that period. However, COVID happened and all the work stalled. Nothing could be done. When in June BCA started issuing approvals to re-start suspended projects, Arena Creation was, as I believe, among the first to get such an approval. Edwin had been contacting us on daily basis, explaining when and how they would start again. At the same time, due to the closed Malaysian border and dormitories issue, there was an incredible bottleneck in manpower. Edwin somehow did his best in finding contractors, helping with all the paperwork related to workers’ clearance, while adjusting the works schedule so that he could secure timely workers supply.
    Needless to say, the quality had to be maintained in spite of the problems, specifically related to the deficit of workers – specialists in their fields. All-in-all, we had some small issues here and there; that is unavoidable in any business. The greatest benefit was that Edwin took any of those seriously and immediately reacted, being always on our side versus any of the sub-contractors, pushing them until we all agreed that the proper quality had been reached. At the same time, Arena Creation didn’t come to increase any of the rates, though it’s possible that their costs in reality could grow.
    As a result, we moved back in our beautiful, all-look-like-new, clean and refreshed home. I highly recommend doing business with Arena Creation and specifically hiring Edwin Fan as a professional ID.

    We had our own view on the design, while Edwin helped a lot to tweak it to reality.

    Overall, the workmanship was solid and professional.

    Arena Creation as a company was always reachable had we had any requests, while Edwin helped us to secure good discounts.

    Value for Money
    I believe that we made a right choice with Areana Creation.
    Versy StudioHometrust, September 2020
  • I was recommended by my friend to design consultant, Krino Lam. I have decided to engage him as my ID for my BTO in Tampines.

    Before being recommended to him I actually gotten alot of quotations from other companies and consultants but several of the quotations are very off the market rates.

    During our first appointment with him, my wife and I get to know this friendly and detailed designer. Our floorplan was shown to him. We let him know about the detailed layout and what we needed.

    Within the next 3 days, a detailed layout, 3D portrait and very reasonable price is already given and quoted to us. (From paintings to wardrobe and other items)

    After the confirmation, he basically settled everything for us, from laising with my air-con contractor, bulky items and other deliveries.

    He went up our house several times during renovations and installations just to make sure everything is on the right track. (Even though we get stuck halfway through because of circuit breaker period. We were also constantly updated on the progressions on his side).

    We are so glad that we chose Areana Creation for our new home and special thanks to Krino and his team.
    Angele NeoHometrust, September 2020
  • We compared quite a lot of ID companies and finally chose Areana and got Shawn as our ID. Shawn is very approachable and talented. He has a lot of new ideas and understand our concern. He is able to provide good design within limited budget. He is even still very patient and approachable after we move in for few months. Whenever we have questions, he is willing to help check and get back to us very soon. Highly recommended to choose him. We are very happy to have him as our ID.
    Zhexuan JiangHometrust, August 2020
  • “Wonderful experience with Areana Creation”
    This is not the first time we renovate our home, so we wanna to make it like a brand new house with a different style and feels.
    Thanks God, we met Robin from Areana. Robin is very professional and responsible designer, from the initial design till the final draft are better than our expectation.

    Before Robin, We did met up with more than ten ID and none of them can make us feel secure and able to deliver the design like Robin.

    Therefore we decided to engage Areana Creation for our home sweet home!

    After signing the contract, i never have to worry about the workmanship or quality of the materials. Robin handled our house like the owner and planned everything so smoothly till I don’t even need to bother and step in throughout the whole process.

    As a businessman , i personally don’t have time monitoring the whole process of renovation and really depends on a professional designer to manage everything for us. As we had bad experience before from our first renovation many years back but this time round Areana Creation really left a strong impression on our home.

    What surprise me was I didn’t have to make time to step in during the renovation for the very first time because Robin is there and he is just like the Owner!

    Better than we expected

    Amazing, it last till now and still solid (coming to 1 years)

    Acted like doing his own home, with his heart onto the project.

    Value for Money
    Absolutely! we were so pleased with the outcomes.
    Edwin NgHometrust, July 2020

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