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  • I was looking for renovation company to do renovation for my home. Areana Creation (AMK) was just a few blocks from my place. After some research online on Areana, my family decided to walk-in and ask for a quotation. We were attended by Jasmine and Dave. After some initial discussions, they won our confidence to let them do the work. Jasmine was quick to grasp our requirements. Her suggestions on design and choice of colors are very nice. Both Jasmine and Dave were patience with our addition requirements that came along the way. They were helpful and resourceful in solving different problems during the renovation. They were at my house often to check on the work progress. Despite our tight timeline for the renovation, the work was completed on time. Overall we are happy with the renovation work. The house looks as good as new. Thank you Jasmine and Dave for all the hard work put in.

    Jeanne CheungGoogle, Nov 2022
  • I got the keys to my house just a month before the lunar ghost month and being typical Chinese, we do not want to move in during that particular month. So it was really a challenge to finish the renovation works needed in order for us to move in, all within a month. There was hacking work, carpentry, flooring, painting and cleaning up that needed to be done, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Jasmine’s help from Areana Creation. Jasmine guided me in the material selection, colours scheme, carpentry design and also workarounds to save some money. It was especially reassuring to know that the interior contractor you are working with has your interest at heart and not just thinking about making money from your project. I would absolutely recommend Jasmine from Areana Creation who is looking for an interior contractor for their home

    Brenda ChewGoogle, Nov 2022
  • Just completed my house renovation. Eunice assisted me and she is so helpful and responsible. Her artwork taste is good and she is dedicated although she is busy. Thank you so much, Eunice

    Andi SusantoGoogle, Oct 2022
  • I used a FB platform and sent out requests to get quotations for my simple renovation.

    Within the next 2-3 days, I received messages from 8-10 interior designers asking for my floor plan.

    Some quotations received were absurdly high in price when compared to the others. From these 8-10 IDs, I further narrowed it down to 3 IDs and eventually chose Eunice from Areana Creation Pte Ltd.

    I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by Eunice’s responsiveness and willingness to patiently answer and enlighten me on my reno related queries even though i have not committed to signing up with Areana Creation. She also went the extra mile to draft a simple drawing of how the living room cabinet could possibly look like based on my requirements. Besides that, she asked valid questions like “how many shoes do do you need to store in the shoe cabinet” and “what are some of the things that would go into this storage cabinet” etc etc. This leads me to think that she understands that space is a constrain and that she needs to help create a functional & practical home and not just a showflat.

    All these while, I did impress on Eunice that i do not have a big budget for this project. Not only did Eunice not turn me away but patiently helped to source and think of ways to fit my reno requirements into my budget. Unlike some other IDs where they only accept bigger sum projects.

    Due to my previous nightmarish experience with another ID many many years ago, I have phobia that the reno worker may not do a proper job. Hence each time a worker was due to complete a certain job in my new house, I would personally take time off to check on the work done on site. And every time when a certain job was due, my ID Eunice would be there to oversee. There was one or two glitches over the installation of the different cabinets but Eunice would proactively inform me that she will settle and iron it out for me.

    Due to my limited funds, I bought 2 cheap bedside tables from Lazada that i had to assemble myself. As i am not a handy man and do not have the tools, I requested for my ID to check if the carpentry folks could help to assemble it for me when they come by to install my build-in cabinets. In the end, Eunice was the one rolling up her sleeves and she helped to assemble both my bedside tables for me.

    After the reno had been completed, Eunice assured me that Areana Creation Pte Ltd covers the works done for up to a year. I could still go to her if any issue crops up during this 1 year period (provided it is not due to wear and tear).

    Thank you Eunice for your service and a hassle free renovation in creating this home for us.
    May LeeHometrust, July 2022


    We have been in the corporate world for more than thirty years, holding various senior executive positions, and we very rarely write testimonial for third party, except for our direct reports. However, we feel obliged and privileged to highlight one exceptional local talent whose leaderships skills, communication skills and project co-ordination excellence have surpassed our already high expectations for the interior design and fitting-out of our new apartment.

    We were fortunate to have commissioned Ms Tan YuYing (affectionately called YY), Senior Interior Design Consultant at Areana Creation (AMK Branch), to undertake the complete remodeling of our 1012 sq ft, resale, low rise condo in the hip Joo Chiat enclave. Our close collaboration and excellent chemistry have resulted in YY transforming our 10-year-old apartment with dated interiors, into the equivalent of a praiseworthy 5* Hotel Presidential Suite, albeit with warmth and a homely feel, as laudable and commendable by all recent visitors. Some of whom are highly experienced stakeholders within the residential interior design community. We are indeed very pleased, satisfied and proud with the outcome of our home, which was creatively designed and fitted-out with high quality customized interiors of excellent workmanship.

    Why does YY deserve our testimonial?

    Let’s recap from the moment when we sold our 3-storey cluster terrace house and the subsequent purchase of the Envio apartment, in late December 2021. We have only 2 months for the on-site renovation works, some “experts” proclaimed the schedule was unachievable.

    As late December 2021 was still suffering from the Covid-19 Pandemic with its associated restrictions, such as the limit of 5 fully vaccinated persons allowed within the site and most crucially, the restriction of border crossing from Malaysia. As most skilled renovation workers live in the Johor State, thus, there was a critical shortage of skilled labors within the residential interior renovation industry.

    Be that as it may, we talked to several so-called big name ID firms, active in many renovations’ social platforms on the internet, to solicit their interest in the undertaking of our turn-key project where the whole apartment would be completely gutted and fully renovated. The scope of works includes, but not limited to, M & E works, replacing existing flooring, ceiling, demolishing of all internal walls, except those surrounding the 2 toilets and the bomb shelter. It also involved customised carpentry works and new plumbing works.

    Our 2 main criteria were:

    1.     Completion Schedule: 2 months site works (1 April 2022 to 31 May 2022) *


    2.     Design Theme: Contemporary and Modern Luxe with design flair that exudes finesses


    * Due to our condo restrictive working hours :

    Mondays to Fridays : 9am to 5pm.

    The actual site works allowed : 42 working days.

    Having met and discussed with several shortlisted ID firms, within this fragmented and highly competitive industry, most of them had displayed a lack of confidence and commitment necessary to undertake this turn-key project, due to the extremely tight completion schedule and the likely shortage of skilled labors as explained earlier. Those ID firms had missed the opportunistic challenges that could help to showcase their competitiveness and competencies during such challenging environment.

    That was until we met YY at her showroom on 4 January 2022. We were drawn to her after chancing upon her recently completed project where the design theme was somewhat aligned with ours. We were upfront with YY that we have shortlisted 2 other IDs, where one of them was under serious considerations. We emphasised that our key criteria were the completion schedule, failing which, there was no point to discuss and proceed further. Our initial reservations and trepidation were allayed after she started to elaborate on her experiences and the successful completion of various recent projects. Furthermore, she exudes positivity, confidence and commitments to our completion schedule to the extent that she was willing to allow us to stay with her, should she fail to complete on schedule. With the ice broken, her sense of humor was a welcome relief to a tense and somewhat serious in-depth discussion that lasted some 3 hours. She promised us a detailed proposal, according to our design brief and to contribute her professional inputs and practical suggestions. She had subsequently managed to obtain commitments (during the Lunar New Year period) from her regular trustworthy and skilled sub-contractors and sub-trades. As promised, the initial proposal was sent within a week, fulfilling substantially our specifications that were fine-tuned with her practical suggestions. It was indeed a very fast turnaround time. We were most surprised that her design proposal not only raised the bar and upped the luxe level with the design of the feature wall in the living area and the well-coordinated color schemes for display units, TV Console and all carpentry works, and materials proposed for the whole project including resources commitments and allocation.

    Having studied the proposal in depth, with some fine tuning of our requirements, she submitted her revised proposal a week later incorporated all our subsequent and new requirements. The deal breaker was when she asked to be given the chance and quoted the old idiom : The Proof is in the Pudding. We took the risk with her, and our gut feelings, having been in the office interior design and fitting-out industry for many years, decided to award the contract to YY. We have not regretted our decision since, and she has indeed never failed us and delivered on all her promises and more. It was one of our most satisfying decisions that we have ever made, and it was the right one, indeed, the proof is in the pudding.

    YY has so graciously nominated various specialist interior furnishings companies, that have provided excellent products and reliable services for her past projects. YY’s outstanding performance on this project has surpassed and exceeded even our own exacting standards and expectations.

    Once the contract was signed, things moved at a breakneck pace. YY got all the commitments from the major sub contactors to ensure sufficient labors were available once the site was available. All major purchases and requirements that required lead time for deliveries were all booked and blocked for this project.


    The next phase of the project was one of the most exciting, exhilarating and fulfilling one and demonstrated YY street smart experience, expertise and connections that she has achieved over the years, within the industry. The selection of products, materials, finishes and interior furnishings were spear headed by YY who guided us to the various specialists such as lightings, sanitary wares, wall papers, floor and wall tiles, curtains and other soft furnishings. The eventual selections were satisfactory, well co-ordinated and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. More importantly, they were all delivered and installed on schedule.


    A lot of time were spent discussing and bouncing ideas around on the type and colours for flooring and wall tiles as well as detailing customized carpentry works, such as feature wall, TV console, display unit, bed platform system etc. YY patience and experience guided us through the various appropriate products, materials, finishes and color co-ordination for all these items, into a harmonized design theme that exudes design flair and finesses.


    As time is the essence for this project, the timely deliveries and site co-ordination works dictate the success or failure to complete on schedule. Its during the actual on-site works that involve various trades such as M & E works, hacking, masonry, carpentry, plumbing etc. that showcased YY’s leaderships skills, communication skills and empathy in the dealings with all these trades, some with overlapping schedule and timeline for completion. Her proposed schedule was strictly followed and adhered to very closely, largely due to her decisiveness, positivity and assured confidence in motivating the sub-contractors, to give off their best efforts. These attributes and aptitudes of hers played a big part in completing the project within the extremely tight completion date. We have personally observed, on numerous occasions, her ability to overcome seemly insurmountable problems (throughout the project duration) with her unique style of creative and innovative yet practical solutions.

    We must also commend on the various sub-contractors/trades that has produced quality workmanships consistently and with the use of quality materials, that exceeded best practices within the industry.

    It would be amiss of us, if we do not mention the inordinate level of energy displayed by YY throughout the project, from the first time we met her in January 2022 at her office until the project was completed in end May 2022. She had always responded almost immediately to all our queries, including irrational and sometimes questionable ones, at all times of the day, including weekends and sometimes after 10pm, with her patience and appropriate responses. She has, no doubt, helped to alleviate our stress and fearful of the project for not completing on schedule throughout the pre-planning phase of sourcing for products and the subsequent works progress on site, as we must vacate our current house by end May, with her positive and assuring attitude throughout the project. This is a classic example of customer service at its unparalleled best.




    It is indeed a happy and a joyous ending when the project was finally completed, as scheduled, on 31 May 2022, for our move-in in early June. Like the old aphorism ; The Proof is in the Pudding. Indeed, the pudding was very tasty, and we are highly satisfied and proud with the end results spear headed by YY and her outstanding teams who have performed beyond the call of their responsibilities, who has transformed our apartment into a 5* Hotel Presidential Suite, albeit with warmth and a homely feel which was highly lauded by visitors, and in 42 days flat.

    With YY’s holistic approach to residential interior renovation projects and her result-oriented philosophy, and the use of high-quality products and materials, combined with her experienced and skillful sub-contractors, we would certainly not hesitate to recommend YY to homeowners for any residential interior renovation projects.

    Once again, YY, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for an outstanding job. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.



    Steven & Sam

    Steven & SamEmail
  • When we were sourcing for interior designer, Areana Creation received good review for value for money. I’m certainty glad that YY picked up the call when we contacted Areana Creation. YY came across as someone who had been in the trade long enough to advise pitfalls in ID quotes. Her professionalism and strong follow up skill ultimately won us over, coupled with no hidden cost quotation which was straight forward for ease of understanding.

     During our renovation, YY exhibited her creativity in design that truly catered to our needs. She was not afraid to let us know our design preference had flaws and was persistent in advising us against them. At the same time, she was considerate to our design inclinations and introduced work around solutions to elevate the final design to mutually receptive outcome. She had been very patient with our design changes and had been accommodative. Her sincerity was evident on occasions that she placed our interest before contractors when managing them. She was frequently onsite to ensure works were executed according to plan. YY also went the extra mile when we were sourcing for ouraccessories beyond her quotation by sharing proven vendors who delivered with quality and how those accessories fit into the design. So far, her recommendations had not disappointed us. In the end, we paid only for what we need. She is also very accountable and responsible even after our house were handed over by following up with contractors for touching up working. Our renovation would be tougher without her presence. The final result would definitely vary greatly if not for her experience.


    I would strongly recommend YY as your interior designer if you are looking for someone who is

    a.       Transparent with no hidden cost quotations – checked

    b.       Sincere to achieve the best outcome for homeowners – checked

    c.       Creative in design with modern touch – checked

    d.       Resourceful with sound renovation solutions – checked

    e.       Prompt to supervise work of qualified contractors – checked

    f.        Responsive to all renovation related questions – checked

    g.       Able to deliver within budget – checked

    h.       Accountable and responsible – checked

    John & NikkoEmail

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