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  • We hired ID from Areana Creation(Amk branch) .We are thankful for the help from Keish.She was patience throughout the process.knowing that we only have approximately 3 wks to move into the new resale flat(with hacking included),she and her team tried to do up the major areas such as living room and both toilets first,so that we can move in without worrying about dust,just the littlest things like,countertop and some electric works.
    We have recommended her to a few of our friends,and they share the same experienced!
    Thank you soo much Keish and team for the amazing work not to mention patience(as wife is picky)! 🙂
    MFBKFacebook, 21 April 2021
  • We did went to alot of interior design warehouse, some even did not bother us when we walked in, some just quoted us a very unreasonable price until we just about to enter this warehouse where a lady opened the door for us. We were so welcomed by her hospitality and the patient level she showed us to build up our home. The catch and set-backs of each decisions we took. Finally, our home is beautified by our patient and dedicated ID, Erika. She had so much of patient for the amount of conditions and demands we had given her. Thank you so much for taking care of our house design. You will be in a very good hands handing over your house project to this wonderful ID, Erika frankly. Her patience, decldication and passion was priceless.
    SaravananHometrsut, 20 April 2021
  • “No frills and an I.D. with attention to details.”

    YY from Areana Creation is the lady to go to if you are looking for a no-frills overhaul of your unit.

    My home is a typical 30-over years old HDB which I was envisioning into converting to a dual-key apartment, the first of its kind in Singapore. I went online to search for potential ID and chanced upon a project done by Areana Creation which I was very keen to incorporate into my unit. I called the firm and spoke directly with the ID who actually did that project that caught my attention.  Truth be told, as a typical Singaporean, I did not engage her immediately, but went on to share with her my ideas and obtained a quotation, to compare with 4 others which I have contacted as well. During the meet up to discuss the quotation details, YY came across as a person who is very genuine and sincere, someone whom I cannot anticipate that we will have disagreements over, certainly not a mercenary I.D. Her quotes were reasonable, and she was confident of adhering to the completion timeline (though the timeline was of secondary importance to me).  However, it was only after painstakingly scrutinising through all the quotes, and looking at all the other ID’s actual projects, before I decided to engage her for my renovation in Nov 2020.

    After confirming all the items that I required for the overhaul, the renovation started with a slight delay, as she explained that her best worker for tiling would need a few more days to complete another project. I wasn’t too concern about the delay though, but she still reassure me that the project would be completed within the given timeline. Throughout the renovation, she would update me regularly on the progress with photos and I felt very assured that the project is in good hands. She was very patient in rationalising her suggestions during the choice of materials, whenever our choice differs, and she would not force her ideas on me, but is very open to contrasting views. I can tell from the various stages of the project that her project management skills are close to impeccable, portraying her as a veteran in the industry.

    Like all other renovations, there are bound to be defects that need to be rectified towards the end of the project. She ensured that all the necessary rectifications are done, even the finer details after the handover of the unit. To be honest, the project was completed after that actual timeline by 1-2 weeks, but that was partly due to my request of an alternative window which required time for HDB’s approval.  Ultimately, I managed to move in before Chinese New Year, which is a cause for celebration.

    I must say that this was a very pleasant renovation experience for me. There was never a time which I had regretted engaging her as the ID throughout the project.  The final product, though not perfect, is one which I adore very much, and would show off to anyone who would like to take a look. My appreciation to YY and her team of dedicated and highly experienced in-house contractors from Areana Creation.

    Sharon Chew & Paul TanEmail, 9 April 2021
  • Summer WongFacebook, 4 April 2021
  • Javian Google Review, March 2021
  • I must indeed apologize to Roy and Krino for this long-delayed, overdue testimonial. But as the saying goes, it’s better late than never.

    Our home is a 30-year-old maisonette which needed a massive overhaul and a change in some structures to accommodate our lifestyle eventually. My husband and I are in our 60s and much as we love our 2-storey apartment, we know that the stairs will eventually be a challenge in our golden years.

    Now, many thanks to Roy and Krino, our once run-down maisonette is looking cheerful, warm, welcoming and brand-new. More importantly, our level one is now totally senior-cum-wheelchair friendly… all ready for our life ahead.

    Our first impression of Roy was that he exuded confidence… an experienced interior designer who knows his job well and is passionate in what he does. It was his calm self-assurance that made us choose Roy over the other interior designer (from a different company) though Areana Creation’s final quotation for our massive renovation was relatively higher than that of the other company. We wanted someone who was confident in getting the job done well and we knew that Roy would fit the bill.

    Roy was friendly and professional from the start. He made himself available to take our calls, answer our queries and clarify whatever confusions that arose. We’d numerous meetings with both Roy and Krino to wrap up even the smallest of details, before we proceeded with the renovation.

    During the renovation itself, Roy met us again several times to confirm measurements, colours, materials and last-minute changes. Meanwhile, Krino kept us updated with photographs and videos of what was being done at our place during the renovation. They took time and effort in keeping us informed, including what had transpired between them and the HDB on approvals for alterations that had to be made to our apartment.

    Both Roy and Krino were generous with their time, though they were busy with other projects too. They took the trouble to drive us around to select our tiles and vinyl flooring. They piled us with laminate samples and advised us on what we needed to know and look out for before selecting them. Our questions were patiently answered and their suggestions and help were always forthcoming.

    Roy and Krino’s good rapport with their contractors were clearly noticeable. They all worked well together and were focused on getting things done according to our specifications. Changes were accepted. Mistakes were rectified. Disagreements were settled. Problems were resolved.

    As in any renovation, misunderstandings and frustrations were inevitable, especially when unanticipated problems arose now and then and there was a deadline for completion of the renovation to adhere to. However, with Roy’s bubbly and positive personality and Krino’s quiet and amiable disposition, all were quickly put to rest.

    All in all, we’re happy with the renovation done. Our visitors have been giving us favourable comments about our simple and humble abode… and yes, we’ll certainly recommend Roy and Krino to whoever is looking for interior designers.

    Way to go, Roy and Krino! May your love and passion for interior designing continue to bring satisfaction and joy to all your clients.
    Rosalind LimHometrust, March 2021

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