291 Compassvale Street

Designed by

Interior Designer

Shynn Loh

Shynn was brought into the interior design industry through the recommendation of a friend and she is thoroughly enjoying her time creating comfortable spaces for families to live in.

As an interior designer she believes in creating spaces that are coordinated aesthetically while also serving a purpose. Turning a house into a home is all about making the space functional especially for those that are planning to reside there for years. Shynn recommends that everyone think about their personal goals as they work with a designer.

Knowing what the space will mean to you in the years to come can help with the decision making process and ensure that the clients’ are happy with their investment. As a designer Shynn would very much like to accommodate the clients’ needs on various fronts to give them what they desire.



Essential Client's Requirement

Spacious living/Pet friendly/White pure and clean look/Living room rest area/Settee area conceal bomb shelter door/Black frosted glass walk in wardrobe in master bedroom


5 Room

Works Included

Glass Door
Vinyl Flooring

A Home for Comfort & Companions

Immaculately white and spacious, this living room offers a serene retreat for both humans and their furry companions. It immediately captivates the eye with its clean lines, bright surfaces, and an abundance of natural light streaming through the sliding glass doors. The room effortlessly blends a sense of airy spaciousness with inviting comfort, creating an ideal environment for relaxation and togetherness.