466A Clementi Ave 1

Designed by

Interior Designer

Shynn Loh

Shynn was brought into the interior design industry through the recommendation of a friend and she is thoroughly enjoying her time creating comfortable spaces for families to live in.

As an interior designer she believes in creating spaces that are coordinated aesthetically while also serving a purpose. Turning a house into a home is all about making the space functional especially for those that are planning to reside there for years. Shynn recommends that everyone think about their personal goals as they work with a designer.

Knowing what the space will mean to you in the years to come can help with the decision making process and ensure that the clients’ are happy with their investment. As a designer Shynn would very much like to accommodate the clients’ needs on various fronts to give them what they desire.



Essential Client's Requirement

Pleasant and cosy home made for 2


BTO 3 Room

Works Included

Glass Door
Vinyl Flooring

A sanctuary for modern love

Sunlight whispers through sheer curtains, casting a warm glow across a haven designed for two. Crisp white walls embrace plush furnishings arranged in an intimate tableau. Textured throws draped over the inviting sofa beckon for cosy movie nights, while a sleek coffee table stands ready for impromptu board game battles.

This isn't just a living space; it's a love nest, a sanctuary where laughter mingles with the gentle clink of coffee cups and whispered secrets find shelter in the crackling fire's embrace. Imagine waking up to the city skyline peeking through the window, bathed in the golden hues of dawn, and sharing a steaming cup of tea on the sun-drenched balcony. This intimate oasis invites you to snuggle close, connect deeply, and embrace the simple joy of togetherness.