96A Henderson Road

Designed by

Interior Sales Designer

Sherry Loke

Meet Sherry, one of our Interior Sales Designers!

A passionate designer that found a home in the realm of interior design. Sherry sees the practicality and aesthetics of working in the industry. She loves working on dark elegant themes that are very much trending right now.

As someone who deeply understands the specific issues faced by Singaporean Sherry is filled with space saving ideas that will help Areana Creation’s clients make the most of their homes. She values functionality and wants her clients to have the best outcomes possible.

Sherry’s background in design shows in her approach to the details. She wants everyone to see the value of lights as a design element as opposed to a basic necessity.



Essential Client's Requirement



3 Room

Works Included

Glass Door
Vinyl Flooring

Sunlit Serenity Meets Modern Minimalism

This meticulously designed unit invites natural light to dance on sleek surfaces and minimalist furnishings. The open floor plan creates a sense of spaciousness, emphasizing simplicity and functionality. Neutral tones dominate, allowing the interplay of light and shadow to become an art form. Every detail, from furniture placement to decor, reflects a commitment to contemporary elegance and serene living. Welcome home to timeless peace.