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  • I surveyed and sourced about 6-8 quotations from various renovations and ID companies but decided to take Areana Creation because their prices is very competitive.
    I was served by Mr Zenn who is very patient with my behaviour and attitude who wants perfection to the renovation of my house. He really went all out to designed and sketched drawings to do layout for my kitchen and common toilet. For my common toilet, I move the entrance as I like my kitchen cabinet to be longer. In the midst of renovation, he will liaise and raised any issues pertaining to any problems that arise and he really did all out to make my house dream come true.
    I am really happy with their workmanship and service. Even after the renovation, their after sales service is tip top. If there is any problem, just give him a call and next 2 or 3 days work needed to be done is completed with satisfaction.
    I really recommend Areana Creation to any home owners to do the renovation job,
    Zenn keep your good work and attitude.
    Ruslina AyubFacebook, 14th October 2016
  • A really BIG Thank you to Areana Design & William Soh.
    They had made wonders to my parents’ old & small HDB flat to a pretty cosy place.
    Relatives, friends & neighbours who had seen the “new” house all LIKE.
    Strongly recommended for their competitive pricing and good service.
    Jaleesa ChiangFacebook, 16th December 2016
  • We take great pleasure in recommending Roy. He displayed a high degree integrity , responsibility and creativity.
    Roy has great communication, listening and organisational skills and provide invaluable guidance in regards to color schemes, furniture selection, flooring and tiling, painting, lighting and accessories. His patience with us was excellence. Highly recommended 👍👍👍👍
    Patricia AsyFacebook, 3rd November 2016
  • Thanks to Ken for his great follow up and prompt reply for our enquiries and renovation matters. Without him, I can’t move in on time.
    He gave a lot of ideas in space planning and designs on what we wish to have. He even went extra miles by putting in effort to sketch some drawings for his ideas at preliminary stage. During renovation, he addressed every issues we raised. Sometimes he was even gan jiong and pissed off than owner for the problems we encountered. He takes the ownership and responsibility in design and renovation.

    I would strongly recommend you guys to look for Ken if you are looking for ID who is responsible for your design and renovation!

    Well done for the job, Ken!
    Teh Chon YongFacebook, 23rd August 2016
  • We were very lucky to meet our ID, Ken from Areana Creation. The very first meeting with Ken was a very pleasant one, as I had already met 3-4 other IDs/ renovation contractors where the experience was less than ideal, as after the previous meetings, I was left feeling either the IDs person does not clearly have an idea what I will like to do for my home, or they are pushing me to go for something which is way beyond our budget.. With Ken, Ken understands we have a tight budget and tight timeline, but the first thing he understood was what kind of ideas we like, and what we like our home to be like, i.e. the feeling of home to every individual family/ couple. Then base on our ideas, he will propose alternatives if what we initially thought of is really too expensive, such that the end results is what we like and cost effective. Ken also does not push us to go expensive stuffs, i.e. if we wanted to do something that he feels is not worthwhile the price, he will give us his two cents worth so that we do not end up paying for something which is not practical and cost us more at the end of the day.
    Throughout the entire process, Ken followed up with us promptly, and he gave us regular updates and assurance on the renovation. Finally we are very happy with the renovation work results and the value added service that Ken provides. Thanks to Ken-we have our own cosy home with the syle we like.
    Ling AhlingFacebook, 17th August 2016
  • Attention : All potential / future ID seeker like myself once…
    We have just moved in to my newly renovated place last 2 weeks ago, finally settled down and I have now some time to write my experience + engagement with my ID. We have gone through a rough 6-8 IDs before deciding on him not because of the price (though his is quite reasonably priced as well), but it’s the service and the feeling of confidence I have with him that made me decided him (but mostly is my wife’s decision la… haha).
    Anyway, the original timeline given was 4 weeks, but because we engaged fengshui, changes were required onto the design and so does the schedule due to the auspicious start date, which delayed my ID by a week. So, he now have 3 weeks to complete what was originally 4 weeks planned and that includes changes to the design too ! We were very worried that we might not get the finished product due to the fact that we shorten the timeline & making changes to the design. But… he was very professional throughout and kept offering alternative designs to us, some with no extra charges, but some with (due to additional material required) which is totally acceptable. Best of all, due to the changes, he doesn’t only add more, but he actually subtract the cost of original design as well (there were changes in size as compared to the original assumption).
    Overall… he manage to handover the place to us within 3 weeks, but require 1 day of touch up after we move in… which we are more than happy to accept ! He even dropped by after the touch up, to ensure everything was in place properly and wanted to check the night view of the place as well coz usually he is checks during day time (due to the condo’s restriction 9AM – 6PM).
    My conclusion :
    1) Very responsive to my messages and calls (trust me, you really need an ID that response to you… you would feel better that someone is looking into your concern)
    2) Very creative. Due to my changes, he managed to think of a way to make the changes better…
    3) Offered very good materials on the carpentry (I wasn’t aware in the beginning, but when I had other vendors coming in and saw what was being done, they were impressed that I chosen those materials but in fact, it was my ID’s idea)
    4) Flexible. This is very important… because sometimes he had to accommodate to our schedule to meet up due to our work nature.
    5) Finally… pricing. I don’t think they are the cheapest, but as saying goes, “cheap thing doesn’t come good, good things doesn’t come cheap”. I think they are very reasonable in terms of the overall pricing including the variance order (due to the change of design + a few additional add-ons).
    So who is this guy I am talking about ? Well… just fyi, I have no relationship with him, but I think at the end of the day, I don’t get just an ID, but a friend as well. Just doing a recommendation as a friend whom I think it’s worth recommending.
    My ID, my new Friend : Ken Bong
    Both my wifey and myself, we would like to say THANK YOU very much to Ken The Magician, coz he have performed several magics to resolve our issues. If there were more than 5 stars, I would be happily to give more stars !
    Alvin LewFacebook, 15th August 2016

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