We lets our work and customers speak for themselves

  • We applied through a platform and it gave us various id that were suggested base on our needs. Spoke to afew but chose Arena Creation simply cause we were attended by Sherry. Instantly clicked with her as I too work in service line and that i really appreciate good communication and customer service especially if it is for the first meeting. She was very professional, soft spoken and unlike others we consulted, she wasn’t snobbish and patiently answered our queries as we were first time home owners with many ideas and no clue what can be done and what not. She helped us to identify what is necessary as we had a budget and really made our vision came to life. strongly recommend Sherry and she is prompt in replying your queries during the process, very hands-on, polite and has many years of experience in this line.

    Siti A Google, 17 May 2022
  • Me & wife Zedd Ismail are eternally grateful to Shynn from Areana Creation Interior Design for designing our dream home. Words cannot express how much this mean to us. Shynn have created, advise & giving ideas on how to create our dream home. She is very understandable & patience towards us. Thank you once again Areana Creation !!


    Rizman RosmanFacebook, April 2022
  • I always wanted a dark theme. It was really fortunate to meet my ID Sherry who also likes dark colors. Combined with her designs and professional advice, Sherry was able to put my ideas together and give me my dream home. Sherry is a honest, sincere and responsive designer. She was always fast to make changes or integrate my new ideas; always kept me updated of the renovation progress. She took extra efforts to supervise the work personally. Sherry is more than a ID designer.

    Bee Unique CollectionsGoogle, April 2022
  • While our renovation schedule was adversely affected by COVID, the deliverables from this renovation project met our expectations, especially with the help of our Project Manager – Shawn Teng.

    He has excellent sense of colour management and design. He is also able to translate our concepts into the final output for our 4room HDB flat. Because he is very experienced in this field, he is able to discern the issues we have in our concepts and will not hesitate to propose alternatives if a certain concept would not work due to practicality and costs. He also considered the safety aspects in the final design as we have elderly parents staying together in this flat.

    He is a great guy with strong work ethics and highly experienced. So while there are delays in the schedule, we coordinated with him closely throughout this project so as to minimise any disruption due to COVID and contractor scheduling. He also has strong working relationships with his team of contractors and their workmanship is commendable and of high quality.

    Be kind and respectful to your ID/PM, work closely with them, appreciate their field experience, and it would be a better renovation experience for everyone.

    My concept is Scandic minimalism and the output met our expectations

    Excellent workmanship by the team of contractors

    After installation service was excellent and Shawn is genuine and sincere to resolve issues such as silicone replacement or vinyl panel replacement.

    Value for Money
    We had to incur some costs for alternative accommodation due to delay in schedules from COVID.
    Dion ChanHometrust, April 2022
  • Siti Noraini Abdul RahimGoogle, February 2022
  • she is upfront with me; notifying me that Areana renovation fees is slightly higher than others. I believe when a company is charging a higher fee will usually delivered quality works.

    It was pleasant knowing Erika, she helps me to get the best deal for my Reno at the Bidadari for my two room flexi. When the tiles were delivered wrongly she managed to get it change.

    Contractors engaged doing the job were professionals and gave inputs of how to maximise spaces and have the aesthetic and practical use of space.

    The electrician, Raymond Chia whom she engaged was friendly and willing to do simple plumber job even it was not in his job scope. Such was a pleasant and a nice guy. If he is married will be a good handyman. I have to mention he is professional and skilful in his job.

    It was aesthetic and practical. You don’t feel like going out when you are home.

    service was good

    Value for Money
    Value for money. and willing to go for extra mile
    William SiewHometrust, February 2022

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