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  • Most people would say that the renovation process is a tedious and tiring journey, but i think that mine was a pleasant and an enjoyable experience! With some design concepts and mood board ready, i shortlisted a few IDs and was rather pleased that the search ended with Jasmine (my 2nd ID) of Areana Creation (AMK).

    Jasmine’s a very good listener who understands the client’s concerns (both budget and design) and requirements. We never had problems communicating design/storage details for this renovation. Everything regarding the renovation details between us was made transparent. She provided me suitable solutions to achieve the designs within the budget given. Just when I thought my ideas were well thought, Jasmine and her team will always impress me with more practical and brilliant solutions! Just by studying my mood board and observing my selections during our meetings, she synced with the colour schemes and designs which I may like, and I must say she’s spot on all the time!

    The other thing I like about our working relationship was that she respects her client’s suggestions and she’s a very obliging professional. I would always say that we’re actually working in a team and I must really thank her for this teamwork!

    Her team of contractors are a friendly bunch and very experienced in their work. I’m glad that I trust Jasmine with this renovation because she has transformed my 40 years old HDB into what my friends and neighbours said “a condominium living room, hotel bedroom, and a Muji inspired kitchen” Interesting? Yes, she did it!

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    Jonathan LimFacebook, 05 May 2020
  • I know shynn as a friend and I know she is very dedicated to her work. Upon knowing my cousin need a renovation i recommended shynn to her. Shynn is very detailed in her explanation, hard-working and render a good service to my cousin. Not only that she is also very patient to explain whenever my cousin have doubt. Most importantly the renovation is very affordable. I will definitely recommend shynn if anyone need a renovation.

    The design is practical and asethetic

    Good workmanship

    Excellent service and very detailed in explanation

    Value for Money
    Affordable and reasonable pricing.
    Verena LeeHometrust , May 2020
  • We bought a resale and got to move in within 3 months from a spacious 5 room flat to a small EC unit. I used the fb platform and sent out my request to get tquotations for a simple renovation. Within 1 day I received messages from 8-10 interior designers asking for my floor plan. Krino was not the first one to message me, but he’s very polite and told me to contact him if I got any questions.
    I told all the ID that I just need a very simple touch up for the 5 year-old unit, and to add on a tv console, a book shelf and an altar in the living room.
    All the ID immediately told me they had experiences in this field and started showing me the drawings of the tv console with book shelves. All except Krino.
    Instead Krino asked me how many people are living there and the dimensions of the furniture that I would be shifting from my old house. I told him that my family consists of 6, including my father in law and helper. Then he asked how old was my fil, and I told him he’s in his 80s and still very fit and mobile. Immediately Krino showed me the pic of how much space an elderly need in order to move about in the living room.
    I was so impressed because he’s not just a designer, but he’s also a very considerate person who understands that we need a home, not a house to live in.
    So I narrow my search of ID to Krino and other contractor who did the renovation for the seller of the house.
    We arranged to meet up at the unit, and Krino came early while the contractor was late by 15-30 mins due to traffic.
    The moment the contractor arrived, he took out his laser measuring tape and started taking measurements of the house.
    Krino on the other hand, walked around the house and told me what areas to repair and what to add on or replace, eg a ventilation fan in the kitchen if we plan to cook a lot at home.
    After that I told both of them about my tight Budget due to ABSD and I could only work out a sum less than $15k for the whole renovation. The contractor was taken aback and quickly told me it’s not an issue. Krino just listened and told me he would work out the quotation and send it to me the next day.
    As promised Krino sent me his invoice which was 3/4 of my request, and the contractor took more than 3 days to reply me with the cost about $15k in total.
    So verdict: Krino of course!

    And I really love his bookshelf design with settee, and the colours combination in the whole house using 3D drawing on his laptop was simply impressive as well.

    Krino really worked hard to help me out within the tight schedule.
    As I had allocated the movers at the wrong timing (about 2 weeks earlier than expected), Krino helped me packed the furniture and moved them to the allocated rooms at night when the workers had left.

    Even after the renovation, Krino would still continue to help me with the maintenance job and liaise with the other counterparts as and when I messaged him. For example the store room door and the blinds which were done by the seller were spoilt, and Krino simply took his tools and came by to my place to fix them, he refused to let me pay for the workmanship.

    Now all my friends and relatives love coming to our house for gathering and always amazed by the functional and lovely design done by Krino.

    I feel so blessed, because Krino helped created not a house, but a beautiful home for us.

    Very functional and very Creative

    He looks into all the details without having us to worry a bit.

    Excellent service and always ready to help. Thank you so much Krino.

    Value for Money
    Krino provides very competitive rate and less than what I expected, and yet he provided so much more.
    Fion OngHometrust , April 2020
  • Thanks to Jasmine and all the contractors for helping to renovate my mum’s kitchen. We are happy with how everything turn out so well.

    Khim OngFacebook, 30 March 2020
  • We are writing to compliment your ID Tan Yuying (YY) for a job well done in transforming our 20 years old HDB EA into a place of relaxation, rejuvenation and inspiration.
    YY has been excellent in helping us in the whole renovation process and making it a seamless project for our family.
    She has outstanding customer service mindset, was detailed and has a personal touch.
    At the same time she was responsive to our messages and queries and was very easy to talk to and I must say, very patient with us.
    We appreciate her regular progress updates to the family which gave us peace of mind that she was on top of things.
    In any big projects, there were bound to be hiccups and unexpected issues that arise, and I give kudos to YY for her creativity and ability to resolves the issues with good solutions.
    YY’s design ideas bring both functionality and beauty.  As such the end result was a beautifully renovated house that we enjoy coming home to.  It has everything that we were looking for.
    What makes this even better was that the cost of renovation was reasonable, and we were able to keep within our budget.
    YY was also quick to give us tips on how to save on cost and assist us in selecting our furniture and fixtures.
    I must also commend YY on her excellent after renovation services and she was able to make quick fixes to resolve the few little things that came up after we settled in.
    A BIG thank you to YY for partnering with us through this project with an on-time house handover.
    Thank you and best regards,
    Jack, Penny, Derek & Sarah
    117B Rivervale Dr
    Jack GeeFacebook, 22 January 2020
  • We would like to thank Dave Wong from Ang Mo Kio branch. He is a very professional and very responsive in our needs and enquiries. He is a very resourceful. He recommended us many suppliers with cheaper price than outside market. Even after the works were completed and there were small issues, he still reponse to us and resolve the issues very efficiently . He also quoted a very reasonable price for our renovation and won’t charge us extra. We are glad to have Dave as our ID. Thanks Dave.

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    Jeoy NeoFacebook, 5 January 2020

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