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  • “1 year on….”

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Roy Lin and his team. (Sorry for the overdue review)
    Its been a year since we moved in to our new house. The workmanship is remarkable as the place still look as good as new.
    Our renovation journey won’t be a breeze without him.
    Due to our busy schedule, we didn’t have much time to monitor the progress. Roy will constantly send us photo/video of what’s going on. In fact, he is always the one who is proactively following up with us on what need to be done next.
    The carpentry, electrical, painting and plumbing works are done up very nicely. We’ve received many compliment when we hosted our housewarming.
    Roy has exceeded our expectation budget wise – along the way, he suggested us to consider removing some costly yet not-that-practical ideas. You will be surprise how these can reduce the overall cost!
    I have recommended him to one of my friend and indeed, he did not let me “throw face”.
    Anyway, thank you once again for the job well done.Alex & Faye

    Was what we have in mind. Roy made it into reality.

    It’s been a year and we have no complains.

    Roy was very responsive. He even inform us in advance that he is going for a oversea trip just in case we need to contact him.

    Value for Money
    Indeed value for money.

    Alex Lim Hometrust, 14th March 2019
  • Just completed my kitchen and toilet renovation with Areana Creation. Jasmine Cheah was in charge of my reno work. She is a great project manager that have deliver my renovation on time and is extremely responsive to my request. I like how my kitchen cabinet and toilet turn out. The work is impeccable. I highly recommend her work to my family and friends. Thanks you Jasmine

    ‎Miguel BajistaFacebook, 24th March 2019
  • I was pregnant and managing the renovation of my new apartment by myself. I thought I will need a lot of help from friends and family. But with Jasmine and Dave from Areana Creation from AMK branch, everything became so easy.

    Jasmine being the lead designer in helping me with the design of the apartment, she was very friendly and patient with me. I was coming up with different ideas all the time, and she was even accommodating to me when I texted her about a design idea near midnight, letting me know how it will look like and will check out the possibility the very next day. Jasmine accompanied me on my furniture shopping trips and even drove me into Malaysia for lightings selection! Even when she is not getting any profit margins for all these time spent.

    I want to thank both Jasmine and Dave for being so sincere and genuine. Giving the renovation job to them was one of the best decision I have made. It was worth every dollar I spent.

    Brenda ChewFacebook, 24th March 2019
  • Dear Areana Creation 

    My testimonial for your ID YY and team who did renovation to my home at Blk 846 Tampines St 82. 

    YY from Areana Creation is a dedicated and responsible lady ID who in charge of renovating our home. She has the patience and good judgement. She can also understand our needs in renovating our new home, making it into a home sweet home. We are really happy with the end product of our home. What I really love most is my kitchen! The place where I spend most time in doing what I love to do. Within a small kitchen area, she ensures that the design I had in mind can be a reality. I believe that communication is a very important tool especially when having to put someone you trust to beautify your home. We were glad that YY is that someone with that criteria.

    Although ours is a small 3 rooms HDB unit, YY was able to produce her own team with an excellent skills and good workmanship; and most importantly in a timely and organised manner. In fact, YY has helped to get most of the major work done within a shorter time frame; to be exact in two weeks due to delay in transactions on our buyer at our old unit and we urgently need to move in as soon as possible. Within that short period, she had managed to dismantle the old kitchen cabinets, lay new toilet tiles, vinyl flooring for the whole house, new windows and carpentry works at kitchen and master bedroom. Even the paintings were also completed that we were able to move-in in that short time. We are really thankful that there are no hiccups during the reno works. YY had did it beyond our expectations.

    During the renovation process, YY would regularly update us through Whatsapp which makes us aware of the on goings and the stages of the reno works.

    We were very grateful that we came across Areana Creation while browsing and reading online looking for a trusted renovation company to renovate our home. A review from a Facebook user on the company website somehow ‘hit’ me to send an email enquiry to the company and I requested to meet up with the same ID that the user had engaged.

    The renovation quotation was pretty reasonable. We had ‘recce’ a handful of IDs from different renovation companies, and with same design ideas we were still quoted around the same figure. After much consideration, we decided to chose Areana Creation as we saw YY being a straight-forward person and sincere, who we can trust our renovation with a peace of mind. She is quick to response to our queries even before and after the reno works and have the patient when we were indecisive.

    Overall, we would recommend Areana Creation to those still looking for a renovation company and it will be a great combination to choose YY as your trusted ID. Lastly, much appreciation and thanks to YY and her dynamic team for making our home so beautiful to live in. YY is a keep in the company!

    Best regards

    Sham & Su

    Sham & SuEmail, 11th March 2019
  • “Good Value, Pain free Renovation, High Quality and Great After Sales Service.”

    It wasn’t easy to pick an interior designer to renovate our home, it being a resale condominium. Our condo is more than 10 years old and much renovation needed to be done. There are plenty of interior designers to choose from online and we spoke to a few companies. Roy was recommended through word of mouth and his portfolio of work was very good. He stood out because of his honesty and willingness to accommodate our plans. In the end, he came up with a design we loved. The price for our renovation was neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but it was good value. He didn’t play games with adding extra costs and was always trying his best to save cost for us. The end result was quite impressive

    If I were to need any renovation work again, I would certainly look for Roy. No renovation job is without hiccups, but those problems allow you to see the real character of your interior designer. Roy accommodated our request for amendments and improved on those ideas. His favourite phrase was “can be done”! In fact, since the renovation more than a year ago, Roy can still be called upon to help with any works that needed to be done. We are very satisfied with the outcome of our home renovation and give Roy two thumbs up!

    I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to get work done on their home.

    Suryani LimHometrust, 28th January 2019
  • “A pleasant reno experience”

    It was my first time experience in revo for my resale flat. I started rather aimless and clueless and went to about 4 IDs for quotations. I then decided on Areana Creations as Zeenn came across sincere and quotation is reasonable. Zeenn tried to accomodate what I wanted for my house. I wanted a barn door, white brick wall and a Liverpool corner. For that to happen, some hacking is required to accomodate the barn door. As I am rather busy at work, I usually get regular phone and watsapp updates (including pictures) on the process of the reno. He is also open to suggustion and tries to accomodate to my changed requests along the reno process. I like the end result and the 3D pictures also give an initial visualisation on how the house will look like. I am also thankful that my reno experience was a pleassant one as I heard many scary and unpleasant ones.

    As it is a corridor unit, the pillars at the door area gave more privacy as it block outside view to the dining area. I also like the change of door location of the study room from the initial location as the barn door opens up the living area when there’s visitors. I like the spacious effect.

    Carpentry design is practical

    Accomodative and responsive to requests

    Value for Money
    It’s reasonable but will be better if lower 🙂

    Mag YeoHometrust, 27th January 2019

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