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  • We are writing to compliment your ID Tan Yuying (YY) for a job well done in transforming our 20 years old HDB EA into a place of relaxation, rejuvenation and inspiration.
    YY has been excellent in helping us in the whole renovation process and making it a seamless project for our family.
    She has outstanding customer service mindset, was detailed and has a personal touch.
    At the same time she was responsive to our messages and queries and was very easy to talk to and I must say, very patient with us.
    We appreciate her regular progress updates to the family which gave us peace of mind that she was on top of things.
    In any big projects, there were bound to be hiccups and unexpected issues that arise, and I give kudos to YY for her creativity and ability to resolves the issues with good solutions.
    YY’s design ideas bring both functionality and beauty.  As such the end result was a beautifully renovated house that we enjoy coming home to.  It has everything that we were looking for.
    What makes this even better was that the cost of renovation was reasonable, and we were able to keep within our budget.
    YY was also quick to give us tips on how to save on cost and assist us in selecting our furniture and fixtures.
    I must also commend YY on her excellent after renovation services and she was able to make quick fixes to resolve the few little things that came up after we settled in.
    A BIG thank you to YY for partnering with us through this project with an on-time house handover.
    Thank you and best regards,
    Jack, Penny, Derek & Sarah
    117B Rivervale Dr
    Jack GeeFacebook, 22 January 2020
  • We would like to thank Dave Wong from Ang Mo Kio branch. He is a very professional and very responsive in our needs and enquiries. He is a very resourceful. He recommended us many suppliers with cheaper price than outside market. Even after the works were completed and there were small issues, he still reponse to us and resolve the issues very efficiently . He also quoted a very reasonable price for our renovation and won’t charge us extra. We are glad to have Dave as our ID. Thanks Dave.

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    Jeoy NeoFacebook, 5 January 2020
  • We are first time home buyer for BTO and we have searched many ID companies and in the end Jasmine from Areana Interior Design stood out and we decided to look for her because of the value and the quality of the project that we were shown.
    During the design phase, Jasmine is responsible and helped to make sure everything is in order. When we found some small defects, she was quick to help us remedy and even for things that we wanted later after renovation has started she also did her best to accommodate us.
    I am really glad that we went along with Jasmine. I am glad that my experience is mostly positive and I am a very satisfied owner of a beautiful and practical home.
    5 stars experience. Cannot emphasise how important a supportive and responsible an ID can be.👍👍

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    Liau Choon HockFacebook, 13 January 2020
  • Our family would like to express our sincere thanks to our ID, YY Tan, for her passion, dedication and creativity in managing our major condo renovation within a very short timeline.

    YY is passionate about what she does, and it truly shows in her work. From the initial conversations and design stage to the actual installation and final touch up, you could feel her drive and sincerity in wanting to work with us and help us achieve the desired home we have in mind.

    A friendly and easy-going person, YY is committed to serving us wholeheartedly. Despite the short timeline and logistical constraints along the way, she coordinated well with the suppliers, vendors and contractors. Besides, she demands high expectation and standard from the different teams. She kept to her tight schedule and updated us of the progress daily which gave us peace of mind and confidence. The result is a comfortable home that was envisaged for us in the design stages. Remaining contactable after the successful handover, she continues to provide advice and follow-up services.

    YY has a good vision of our renovated home; and has great ideas for almost everything, down to the smallest details. Her
    eye for colour, design, and style is impressive. Finding that fine balance between practical living and aesthetics is another key strength of hers. She certainly exceeds expectations in cleverly designing and creating storage spaces to meet our needs. That shows she listens actively and empathetically to what we need and desire.

    We are pleased to have engaged such a passionate, dedicated and creative ID, YY Tan.

    Thank you YY! May you continue to have success and good health!

    A Family
    Jan 2020

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    A Family Whatsapp, 11 January 2020
  • “Excellent Service”

    Roy and Shaiful had renovated my place in June this year. We looked around for good recommendations and I heard about Areana Creations from my colleague. The reviews online also helped me to choose the ID. I liked that they put real photos (and not the 3d representations) on social media.

    Roy and Shaiful came down to our place to let us know the quotation and he is practical with the designing process. They are open to suggestions and patient too.

    Both Roy and Shaiful are very fast and efficient in their work. Roy is very responsive and even when they were hiccups with the reno process, he would rise up to the occasion and solve it as fast as he can. He usually coordinates with the other service providers and ask us about how the process went too.
    The workmanship is also good and he has given a 3 year warranty for the work done.

    We are very happy with the service and have recommended Areana Creations to our family and friends:)

    DeviHometrust, 02 December 2019
  • “A Satisfied Customer.”

    We bought our first home which is from the resale market and was looking for an ID to help us build our dream home. There were a few recommendations from friends and families but we eventually decided to go with Areana Creations. Roy Lin has been extremely helpful in advising and guiding us through every process of the renovation. His timely responsiveness and competitive quote was what solidified our decision to go with him.

    Overall we will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a committed and trusted ID/contractor.

    Justin CaiHometrust, 02 December 2019

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