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  • Highly recommend Areana Creation for all home owners 🙂
    Choosing Ken Bong, our ID from Areana Creation had been one of our best decisions. As he was recommended by my good friend, he was the first ID we met, then totally clueless about home renovation. Though clueless, he patiently explained all the material and reno terms you will probably only hear if you do reno – kompactplus, quartz…
    Ken was also patient enough to answer all our questions as we explore different ideas about how we should renovate our place, like if we should do a dry kitchen, wet kitchen idea; and would give his honest, practical advice, always emphasizing that a home is a home and not a showflat.
    Needless to say, Ken was also accountable and kept us updated of renovation progress. He remained accountable even after handover of our place, and will do his best to settle problems we face after moving in.
    Look for Ken from Areana Creation for your home renovation, I am sure you will be happy like us with pur new home!
    JinJu NgFacebook, 25th July 2018
  • I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Jay for your excellent service.
    My previous ID was dishonest and unprofessional with shoddy works. I came to Areana Creations in desperation. Thanks so much in helping me in rectifying the works left behind by the previous ID whose company also with the first letter “A” coincidently. Your professionalism in knowledge, service and above your attitude commands a thumb’s up and will certainly refer your services to families and friends without any doubts. Thank you!!
    Serene FungFacebook, 24th July 2018
  • Thanks to Jasmine for designing my feature wall with my favorite team’s colour! It’s so special!
    Joyce WuFacebook, 9th June 2018
  • I would like to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Ms YY Tan from Areana Creations (AMK Branch) for the excellent service she has rendered to my family for our recent house renovation. Really appreciate her proactiveness in keeping us updated about the works while it was ongoing and always providing her knowledgeable input as to how to improve the ambience and interior design according to our needs. She displays pride and professionalism in her work and her ability to resolves any issues raised to her almost immediately is a testament to her outstanding service in Areana Creations. All in all, her cheerful demeanour during this renovation and valued assistance in rejuvenating a household we’ve had for over 20 years has added a refreshing touch to the atmosphere in our household and truly allowed us to feel at home. Highly recommended! Thank you Ms YY Tan!
    ‎Norrizan Mohd Din‎Facebook, 11 June 2018
  • Having a home of our own is definitely not an easy task, especially when I’m a single mum.I had always dreamed of a well renovated & cosy home for the 3 of us to stay comfortably & I had finally done so!
    All thanks to my friend Keish Lim Wanderlust for making it happen.Although during the reno,there’s some hiccups, she’ll always try her best to solve all the problems which arises.
    I’m glad that I had this friend to help me all this while~~~Thanks
    Corrine TpwFacebook, 24th May 2018
  • << Under-promise, over-delivered >>
    You probably heard of IDs from Hell who terrorized clients, non-responsive, not contactable, or worse, ran away with the first deposit and leaving the job done midway through. These are just some nagging concerns we had when we searched for someone to do up our house.
    After analyzing a dozen ID firms and shortlisted three, we decided to go with Ken Bong (phone: 81984335) from Areana Creation (Joo Chiat). It was the best decision made. Over the months, Ken has been there throughout, providing practical advice and offering suggestions that can only come from an experienced ID.
    “Do you want a showroom or a home?”
    Some IDs tend to overkill on the design for the sake of their portfolio and at the expenses of the home owners. Ken’s, however, aims for a fine balance between these design and coziness for long-term living, all within range of a reasonable budget.
    “Superb workmanship and service”
    Ken has a keen eye for details and is meticulous to ensure workmanship is up to his standard and exceeds ours. The areas where skirting meets the flooring, cabinet meets the wall and all alignments are near to perfection. And for areas where the reno fell short due to unforeseen circumstances, Ken has been prompt to offer ratification at our convenience.
    “Non-salesy and accommodating”
    As a sales coach, I can smell someone who is out to get sales from a mile away. I sensed none of these from Ken. He has been sincere throughout and has provided functional and useful suggestions without burning a hole in the pocket. He was also willing to do anything within his power to ensure that you get the most value out of his service.
    “Does his own 3D drawing”
    I’ve encountered IDs who paid 3rd party vendors (some based out of Singapore) to do their 3D drawing. Worse, I’ve seen IDs who use a pencil and rule to draw on a piece of paper as 3D drawings. One must know his craft for his profession. This is a prerequisite and most basic requirement for choosing an ID. Ken does his own 3D drawing. Period.
    There are so much more positive aspect of using Ken as your ID, but you have to experience for yourself. In short, Ken is the best partner for all your ID needs.
    Jacky ChuaFacebook, 21st May 2018

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