217C Compassvale

Designed by

Sales Director

Roy Lin

Roy Lin stepped into the interior design industry by chance and is now one of the sales directors at Areana Creation. He is a firm believer in letting the experts lead.

Often the journey from having a vision to bringing said vision to reality will not be apparent to the untrained eye. It is important to trust the process that the designers undertake since there are many layers and steps to get home from square one to the ideal version.

Clear communication is key to making the dreams come true. As designers work on finding a balance between functionality and aesthetics clients need to keenly aware of their needs and share those concerns with designers. Our lives are ever changing and Roy likes to ensure that the clients’ are equipped with a home that serves them in the future as well as the present moment.



Essential Client's Requirement

Modern Contemporary


4 Room

Works Included

Glass Door
Vinyl Flooring

Making the intangible design features shine

Creating a modern contemporary design is about making the less is more approach work in real life. As designers we work towards creating simple minimal designs that look robust and welcoming.

Despite only using neutral colours and natural elements we have created a warm and welcoming environment. The design fundamentally revolves around straight lines and sleek surfaces to ensure that it adheres to the modern contemporary theme. While the lights and varying tones of colours used fill out the space and add the ambience.