288B Compassvale Cresent

Designed by

Interior Designer

Joreen Lau

Joreen’s career as an Interior Designer began with a diploma in the subject. Her extensive experience in the industry has shown the importance of all the other elements beyond the designing aspect of the job.

At its core interior design is about the people, the clients. Joreen prioritises the clients’ experiences. As someone that is interested in creating the perfect home for each client she wants to ensure clear communication between both parties.

Joreen also believes that the clients’ comfort levels are the most important part of the job. From the working relationship to the end results it is all about the clients and their needs.



Essential Client's Requirement

More storage space, walk in wardrobe


HDB 5 Room

Works Included

Glass Door
Vinyl Flooring

Warm Minimalism with a Moody Twist

Experience the allure of moody minimalism, a design philosophy that merges understated elegance with a touch of mystery. This thoughtfully curated space embraces a darker palette, accentuating simplicity and cultivating an ambiance that is both cozy and enigmatic. With sleek lines, muted tones, and intentional lighting, every element contributes to a sophisticated yet unpretentious aesthetic. Discover the beauty in simplicity with our moody minimalism, where less becomes more in an atmosphere that evokes both calm and curiosity