441B Clementi Ave

Designed by

Interior Designer

Edwin Fan

Edwin is incredibly passionate about his job. As an Interior Designer he has been drawn to the industrial, Scandinavian and modern aesthetics.

Much like his favourite design styles he knows that clarity is the most important part of the relationship between a designer and a client. Being calm and sharing details can help both parties in the home renovation process.

In small spaces Edwin likes to make the most of paint and lighting to ensure that the design themes come through without overcrowding the area. Every space can be functional and aesthetic with a little bit of work.



Essential Client's Requirement

Modern and trimming


HDB 3 Room

Works Included

Glass Door
Vinyl Flooring

Modern Living, Refined

Embark on a journey of modern living, refined to perfection. This thoughtfully designed space seamlessly merges contemporary aesthetics with timeless elegance. Clean lines, minimalist decor, and strategic lighting create an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort. Every corner reflects a commitment to sleek design and functionality. Elevate your living experience in a home that exudes modernity, where refined details harmonize to craft a space that's not just contemporary but a masterpiece of modern living."