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Is your home designed to survive Singapore’s burning hot weather?

Uncover Essential Insights and Reasons for Climate-Resilient Living.

Singaporean weather seems to draw the worst lot: hot, humid, and often overcast. The discomfort is exacerbated by climate change and is becoming a bigger problem by the day. Singapore has been having record breaking increases in temperature, but there is a way to make your home more comfortable in light of Singapore’s weather through interior design choices! Here, we would like to offer you some ideas on how to achieve that, and there are few design choices that can help combat the heat and humidity that defines Singaporean weather.

By default, HDB has partnerships with companies to ensure that they are building homes that are well-suited to the humid climate in Singapore. HDB also takes into consideration the breeze and the wind movement around Singapore as part of its town planning, for example. Trials of heat-reflective paint or “cool-paint” is also part of HDB’s measure to combat the heat, and many other measures.

Therefore, weather-conscious renovation continues the foundation laid by HDB by integrating fundamental design choices that decrease heat and humidity in the home. We list out some aspects of the home that can affect heat and humidity long term.

Let’s start with the materials that we use. Choosing materials with high insulation values like spray foam insulation and rigid foam insulation can help the temperature of your home be balanced and comfortable. For the building blocks of your home, ensure that materials with good thermal properties are selected like clay bricks, concrete or insulated concrete foams to regulate indoor temperature.

For surfaces, choosing mould-resistant paint or anti-mould sealant can help protect your home from mould-related damages. Products like moisture absorbers like silica gel packets and dehumidifiers can help reduce the risk of mould formation.

Another aspect that can help is windows. Studies have shown that opening the windows and doors in a HDB flat will substantially increase the comfort levels because the units are built with ventilation in mind. Going even further, the increasingly common practice is to orient the buildings north-south to allow for more natural ventilation while decreasing sun exposure.

Ventilation is the key to reducing stuffiness and keeping things breezy. When possible opt for large windows that are easy to open and close. Placing windows at a cross section of one another and keeping a mostly open floor plan can help increase air flow. Having stagnant air in any area of the home can cause the formation of mildew and mould because it gives the moisture in the air a chance to condense. Good airflow will remove the stale air, help evaporate any moisture and ensure that the air indoors is fresher and cooler.

When talking about air quality, capitalise on the tropical weather that we have by using indoor plants as home decor. In addition to sprucing up your home, these plants will improve air quality in your space. Having the right plants that are low maintenance and thrive on the existing climate will also help manage humidity levels and increase comfort levels for the residents.

When discussing tropical weather, don’t forget about frequent cloudy days. Combat the darkness that occurs on these days with lighter coloured walls. It is important to keep the interior of your home bright with minimal lighting to ensure that it is comfortable. Lighter walls will keep spaces cool and also help reflect light ensuring that the home doesn’t get too dark.

The humid weather in Singapore doesn’t have to doom your comfort or your electricity bill. With the right features in your home, you can easily create a comfortable environment that will set your home apart from others. We are big-picture, holistic designers that take all factors into consideration when designing for you. Our expert designers at Areana Creation can help you make the ideal home that is not just beautiful, but smartly designed with the local weather in mind.


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